Direct Admission in Top MBA Colleges in Kolkata

Direct Admission in Best private Colleges in Kolkata offering MBA. Top-MBA colleges is very short and Easy Process for students. Direct Admission Top MBA Colleges in Kolkata Free Expert Counseling ( ✆ 9811004275 ) Students who have miss the opportunity to Write Direct Admission MBA Kolkata Entrance Exam. Also students has Score Less Marks to study MBA or Autonomous PGDM Program. Hence by missing Entrance exams they can get Direct Admission in Top MBA Colleges in Kolkata as a Result. Admission in MBA in Calcutta Without Entrance Exam and Direct Admission in MBA under Management Quota and Free College Level Seats Provided without Extra Charges in conclusion.

What is the need of Student for taking Direct MBA Admission in Top MBA Colleges in Kolkata?

What is the need of  taking MBA Direct Admission in Kolkata
Direct Admission in Best private MBA Colleges in Kolkata

Many Students look for Direct Admission in MBA in Kolkata for Various Reasons. The reasons may be dissimilar for all. Few of Circumstances students faces in life wherein the need for Direct MBA admission Arises are:

  • Students planned late for Higher Education Studies and correspondingly Missed Most of all Entrance Exams. Therefore the students look for Direct MBA Admission without Entrance Exams.
  • The Aspirant could not score well in Entrance Exams. Consequently, look for MBA Direct Admission with low Entrance Score in Kolkata.
  • In many Universities in India, the Students are not able to get above 50% in Graduation. Therefore the Students look for Direct Admission in MBA Colleges accepting less than 50% in Graduation.
  • Some Meritorious students due to unavoidable circumstances could not perform well in the admission process of B-Schools even after fulfilling the eligibility. hence they look for Direct Admission MBA under management Quota.
  • Students who do not want to migrate to other states and do not want to spend much on colleges & hostel fees. They however look for Direct MBA Colleges Admission in Kolkata.
  • Students who want to jump start their career early and therefore wants to settle down Early in Corporate at a good profiles irrespective of any work experience and packages.
  • Many a times the students are not able to get their choice of programmes or Specializations at the time of Admission. Henceforth they look for Direct admission in MBA Colleges in Kolkata.

Direct Admission in Best private MBA Colleges in Kolkata

Many Students prepare and Study hard in Calcutta but due to some or other Reason they fail to score much in graduation. Therefore students can now apply for Direct admission in MBA Colleges Kolkata below 50% graduation. MBA Aspirants gets disappointed having below 50 % Marks in graduation and therefore look for Admission in Top MBA Colleges without Donation in Kolkata.

Direct Admission in Top MBA Colleges in Kolkata
Direct Admission in MBA in Kolkata

Top Specializations offered by Top MBA Colleges in Kolkata

Usually the Colleges in Kolkata for MBA offers Dual Specialization Courses. Very Few offers Single Specialization MBA Courses. Top Specializations offered to a student by Top MBA Colleges in Kolkata are:-

  • Business Analytics : The process of transforming Big Data according to the business Insights. Hence Includes Collection, Sorting, Combining, processing with use of Statistical Analytics Methods to run a Business.
  • Family Business : This helps the students to Understand the basic concepts of their business with ground reality and run it professional enterprise.
  • Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship : An MBA Graduate gets equipped with the art to Design Strategies, analytical tools with inputs of innovation & Experience to Run or start a Business as an Entrepreneur.
  • Rural Management : Its an way of understanding the concepts of planning, organizing, executing & Monitoring various Rural Sectors work. For Example Farming, Agriculture, Cooperatives & NGO`s.
  • Education Management : Its a in-depth Study of managing Educational Institutions. Hence Includes the proper finances, expansion, Remodeling Structure with emphasis on Growth.
  • Information Systems and Analytics : Its the Combination Study of Information Technology along with Business Management. Hence The curriculum places a strong emphasis on using information technology to assist business intelligence, process optimization, and strategic decision-making.

More of the Regular MBA Specialization in Top B-Schools in Kolkata

  • Marketing : Its field of Management wherein once learns to Understand Consumer Behavior, Promotions, launching, Communication and finally Selling.
  • Finance : The student learn & pick investing portfolios, analyze company data, estimate economic trends, optimize stock value, and balance risk and profitability.
  • Human Resources : The Student learn to organize patience fully human Resources. Hence equips with better Communication, manage performance, understand the Company Culture & Recruit as per requirement.
  • Supply Chain : A blend of Management which manages Sourcing, Material, Demand, production to streamline Supply of Business.
  • Retail : Focuses on developing expertise in the manufacture, management, sales, and transportation of goods.
  • Operations : Hence enables Students with Business Process, workflows, Product development, Mode & way to deliver goods under proper guidance & Monitoring.

Best private Colleges in Kolkata offering Admission in MBA | PGDM:

Check Details for Best private MBA Colleges Kolkata Courses West Bengal, India

Sr.No.Name of Colleges in KolkataCourseLocation in West Bengal, India
1International Management InstitutePGDM2/4 C, Judges Court Road, Alipore, Kolkata West Bengal 700027
2IQ City Unitedworld School of BusinessMBAInfinity Benchmark Tower 10th Floor, Plot – G1,Block – EP& GP,Sec – V, Salt Lake City Kolkata
3Globsyn Business SchoolPGDMMouza Chandi, PS Bishnupur JL No. 101, Kolkata
4Institute of Engineering and ManagementMBAGN-34/2, Sector – V, GN Block, Salt Lake City, Kolkata
5NSHM Knowledge CampusMBA124, BL Saha Road, Tollygunge, Kolkata
6.Calcutta Institute of Engineering and ManagementMBA24, 1A, Chandi Ghosh Rd, Ashok Nagar, Tollygunge, Kolkata
7.Brainware UniversityMBA398, Ramkrishnapur Rd, near Jagadighata Market, Barasat, Kolkata
8.Bengal Institute of Business StudiesPGDM / MBA18D Lakeview Road, Lake Terrace, Ballygunge, Kolkata
9.Budge Budge Institute of TechnologyMBANishchintapur, Budge Budge, Kolkata
10.Calcutta business schoolPGDMDiamond Harbour Road, Opp. Nilgiri Cinema, P.O. – Bishnupur, Bara Gagan, Gohalia, 24 Parganas South, West Bengal 743503.
11.Amity Global Business SchoolMBA6th Floor, RDB Boulevard, K-1, GP Block, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata.
12.Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning In Management (EIILM)MBA6, Waterloo St, Dalhousi, Chowringhee North, Bow Barracks, Kolkata
13.Future Business SchoolMBASonarpur Station Road, Mission Pally, Sonarpur, Kolkata  West Bengal.
14.International School of Business and MediaMBAKadampukur Village, Newtown, New Town, Kolkata, West Bengal 700156
15.Praxis Business SchoolPGDMBakrahat Road,Rasapunja, 24 Parganas South,  Kolkata, West Bengal 700104.

Disclaimer :-

Please Note (very Important for all ) Accordingly that all the colleges in the list are not having any management quota seats. Admission is done strictly on merit basis. So We provide MBA/PGDM Admission in subject to availability of management quota/institute level Free vacant seats in Private Colleges/Universities/Institute. Hence, the Above list of Top MBA Colleges is for Only Listing Purpose. As a Result these colleges recruit Students after proper Selection process and Does not provide MBA Direct Admission in Kolkata nor they grant Direct MBA without Entrance Exam in Kolkata. All Students have to approach college them self to process their admission. Students willing for admission in MBA with Low entrance Score in Calcutta, may even require to write college Self aptitude test.


Which MBA colleges in Kolkata offer the best placement opportunities?

Direct Admission Top MBA Colleges in Kolkata Free Expert Counseling at 9811004275

What is the fee to pursue an MBA course in Kolkata?

Around 11 per cent of colleges have course fees below Rs 1 lakh. Nearly 35 per cent of MBA colleges in Kolkata has course fee ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh.

Is MBA Admission in IIMs possible Under Management Quota?

No, You can not get Direct MBA Admission under management quota in IIM`s as admissions there are solely on Merit with uttermost importance are given to Eligibility and Selection process.

I Have scored less than 50% in Graduation, Can i get MBA Direct Admission in Kolkata in government Colleges?

Yes, certainly you can get Admission in Government Colleges if you belong to any Category. You will have to thoroughly check the official website of Government Colleges with their Eligibility and Selection criteria.

Can I get direct mba admission in Calcutta University?

No, You can not get. Moreover you require to fulfill the Eligibility with desired Cutoff of Entrance to get admission there.

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